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Site-Specific Installation

Heteronormal Activity

Heteronormal Activity is a site-specific installation that talks about the domestic social structures that normalize our contemporary Lima, reflecting on different conflicts generated by the force exerted by heteronormativity.

This social, political and economic regime imposes heterosexual practices and marriage as hegemony for good social functioning. And it does so through various mechanisms that make it the only valid model for affective and kinship relationships. Marginalizing and making invisible all those people who go beyond the limits called "normal".

Through light, sound and smell, the structure of the mononuclear house is used to create atmospheres of tension, conflict and strangeness, generating a sensory reflection in the viewer. The house is re-inhabited to talk about these limits imposed by our society and, in turn, the personal limits that one marks in the face of the violent relationships that derive from it.


Heteronormal Activity

Site-specific multi-sensory installation in a 400sqm suburban house in Lima, Peru. 4 hours long installation in which the house gets entirely flooded with water and immersed with light, sound and scent pieces that transport the viewer into emotional & dysfunctional livings of a heteronormative catholic family.

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